Tutorials to get you going

When starting out on your journey to learn something new it can be a little daunting.   That’s how I felt when starting out.  There were so many things I wasn’t sure about, that I wanted to know.

So, for anyone feeling the same way I have put together some short tutorials demonstrating how to do certain things.  I hope you can take these and build them into your own applications.  Each tutorial comes with a description so you know what it is about to help you decide if you need to watch the video.  There is also the full project source code for you to download if you want to skip the typing and just follow along.  Just go here to see the tutorials.

The best way to learn a programming language: use it

One of the challenges when starting out with a new language is getting up to speed. Getting to a point where you have enough knowledge to start solving your own problems.

That is why all the courses listed here are full working examples and demonstrate how to pull together a number of techniques into a complete application solution.