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The best way to learn a programming language is to use it.

One of the challenges when starting out with a new language is getting up to speed. Getting to a point where you have enough knowledge to start solving your own problems.

That is why all the examples provided here are full working examples, with the source code provided. No assumptions are made about your level of knowledge. Therefore some things you may already be comfortable with, but we would rather cover all points than leave you in the dark.

The examples are split into two sections, tutorials and courses. The Tutorials are short examples covering a specific way of doing something whereas the courses are more about pulling together a number of techniques into a complete application solution.

A summary of what the example covers is shown below with a link to the tutorial or course page. Each tutorial or course page provides full details about what is covered.

In order to download the source code and any supporting files we ask that you provide an email address to allow us to send you a link to the download and also to provide you updates on anything new at Software Pulse.

Walk through the file system
Walk through the files on your storage system using a recursive call
Using file filters to select specific file types
Java code to walk through a file system to locate image files using a File Filter.
Getting started with JTree
JTree is a Swing class used display a tree like structure. A simple JTree can be constructed by passing a String array.
Computer formula to math formula
An example where a formula written in a Java program could be represented in standard notation on the screen.
Displaying hierarchy in JTree
Building a JTree with hierarchy using Tree Nodes.
Using JTree to select and display information
Using JTree to select an item and display the details associated with that selection.
Java application with SQLite embedded database
A Java application which installs and uses a SQLite database as part of the application.
Java application dynamic configuration using a properties file
A Java application which displays details from a properties file. Used the singleton design pattern.
Build A Desktop Application using Java
Learn how to build a Desktop Application using Java and Swing with full step by step instructions and resources
Java application - working with data
Design an application using Model, View, Control approach and the event notification model