Java application – working with data

This course focuses on how to pull together an application that allows the user to create information, store and manage that information via a user interface.

    This course is all about: –

  • How to make your code do something.
  • How to link your data to your user interface so when something changes in your data it is reflected on the display.
  • It’s about how to put together a display with components the allow you to manage your data.
  • And it’s about how to save and load that information between sessions.


This course is perfect for those of you that want to put your Java programming knowledge to practical use. Those of you who want to bring your own ideas to life and are looking for a template to follow and ideas to apply.

Java application – Working with data is aimed at the hobbyist the enthusiast because to complete this course you will need to be a jack of all trades and not a master of one. You will build the data model, the front end, the event model and the code to store the data, all of this you will have to code!

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