Getting started building Java Desktop applications – free workshop

Are you stuck in tutorial hell?

Frustration - Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels
Frustration – Photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels

You know how you take a course, and it all makes sense as you follow along, but you are stumped when it comes to your own ideas.  You take another course thinking that there must be something missing and yet this still does not help.  You think it is the language and switch to another language but still the same problem.

This seemingly insurmountable problem is frustrating.

All the advice from the community is that you need to do more of this or more of that, but the advice just doesn’t feel right for you.  You feel like giving up, that may be programming is not for you, that perhaps you do not have the education required to excel at programing.

Imagine if you could find that missing link, the part that enables you to realise your vision, that of turning your idea into an application.  Enabling you to go on to build other applications, gradually building up your knowledge and skills, eventually producing applications that match your dreams.

Here to help - Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels
Here to help – Photo by Anna Tarazevich from Pexels

I believe with the right approach, regular practice, support, encouragement, and your huge enthusiasm you can make the transition to an accomplished software developer.

If this sounds like something you would like to know more about then why not join me for a free 1-hour live workshop using the Zoom platform where I will take you through the steps I use to take my ideas and turn them into applications.

During the workshop, you will have the opportunity to ask questions and share what areas are causing you the biggest problems, as well as see what issues others are experiencing.  Interested, then sign up here to be sent the live link to the session: