Data Reporter

Data Report is a JavaFX Management Information System. It produces a visual representation of the information using pie, bar, and line charts. 

The information plotted is from a collection of SIM cards that make up the portfolio. 

Specifically, the number of SMS messages and the amount of data transmitted. The data is contained in the underlying SQLite database. 

The application allows the user to specify the date range for each of the available charts.  There is also the option to generate a PDF report containing the data displayed in the application.

  • Java version: OpenJDK 17
  • Libraries/Frameworks: JavaFX 11, iTextPDF 5.4.1, SQLite-jdbc, log4J-core 2.8.2, log4J-api 2.8.2
  • Build Tools: javac, jar, jlink, jpackage – all on the command line
  • Deployment: Executable installer with embedded JVM

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