Live Stream: Getting started building Java desktop applications

Live Stream: Getting started building Java desktop applications

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In this live stream, Java application developer, John McNeil will talk about transforming ideas for applications and developing those ideas to produce a finished application as a solo developer. John will cover tools and techniques the enthusiast developer can use to produce their application as well as the pitfalls to avoid getting stuck. All of this will be centred around Java Standard Edition, JavaFX and Eclipse.

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Session Agenda

The creation of any application follows a well-known path or at least comprises certain elements. This session takes a look at each of these steps and discusses how as a stand-alone developer you can approach each one.

Each stage looks at the techniques and tools that can help develop an application and the questions and decisions you need to process on your development journey. With each step, tool and technique there are skills to be acquired. Compiling a list of these tool, techniques and skills, that are next on your list to learn, stop you feeling overwhelmed.

No two people will need or take the same path, it is knowing and understanding the path you are taking that enables success.

The Presenter

John McNeil –
John is the creator of the SoftwarePulse website, a site that provides step by step information for budding new Java application developers. As part of the SoftwarePulse brand, he provides a series of videos showing how to build basic desktop applications using Java which can be found on the YouTube channel SoftwarePulseCoUk.

John is the author of the book ‘So You Want To Write a Java Desktop Application‘, which takes the reader through coding a complete application. He is also the creator of 3 online courses ‘Java – Build a Desktop Application‘, ‘Java application – working with data‘ and ‘Introduction to JavaFX development‘.

John started building applications and solutions for business back in 1994. Since then he has worked in a range of industries with many development teams. He is an I.T professional who specialises in delivering business solutions.

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