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Thank you for signing up for the “Java software development workshop”.

Please book out these dates for the live sessions so that you don’t miss them. All sessions start at 21:00 hours GMT (UTC +00:00)

  • 13th Jan – Introduction to the workshop
  • 15th Jan – Outline design
  • 17th Jan – Design breakdown
  • 20th Jan – Setup the development environment
  • 22nd Jan – Setup core application and build the user interface
  • 24th Jan – How to handle object collision
  • 27th Jan – Implement the Paddle and Bricks
  • 29th Jan -Implement the Ball and Wall
  • 31st Jan – Revisit the startup code and keyboard handler
  • 3rd Feb – Handle time-based events
  • 5th Feb – Stopping, pausing and changing game levels
  • 7th Feb – Build the Wall for each level and display
  • 10th Feb – How to manage the objects in motion
  • 12th Feb – How to handle objects which react to a collision
  • 14th Feb – How to make the Ball bounce and Brick removal
  • 17th Feb – Adding lives to the game
  • 19th Feb – Add the score to the game
  • 21st Feb – Finishing touches and package up

We will send you information and links for various material we will use during the workshop to the email address you provided when you signed up for the workshop.

We understand that 18 live sessions over 3 weeks are a huge commitment for you.  If you should find that you are unable to make a particular session then don’t worry, we will be recording the sessions and make them available for students to revisit.  In that way, if there is something you have missed then you can rewatch the session.

If you have any questions then please send an email to and we will be happy to help.

Workshop terms and conditions