Wrap Java into an executable with Launch4J

A few years ago I set out to produce examples of desktop applications written in Java because I could find so few examples on the web.

The idea was to write a complete self contained application and package it up into an executable program that a user could install and click to run.  The tool I chose to wrap the Java byte code up into an executable was Launch4J.  To see where to get this tool and how to install read on

  • Open a browser and go to ‘launch4j.sourceforge.net
  • Select ‘Download’ from the menu options
  • Find the download package suitable for your machine
  • Click on the link to start the download.
  • Once the download is complete launch the installer
  • Accept all the default options unless you have a good reason to alter them
  • At the end of the install process launch the application and you should be presented with a dialog box as below.

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