Creating an executable file with Launch4J and Java 11

How to build an executable file for a Java 11 GUI application using Launch4J

Before we look at the how we should ask why.  The aim is to package up our Java application so that we can distribute it to others. We want them to be able to launch the application without having to install anything else.

Therefore, we are looking to deliver our Java application along with the Java Runtime Environment and any external libraries required for it to run. To do this needs a few tools:

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JWT Decoder

Screen shot of the JWT Decoder Java desktop application.

A Java desktop application to decode JSON Web Tokens. Built using OpenJDK 11 and OpenJFX 11. The team members who built the application were Klaus Cepani, Jorid Spaha, Josh James and John McNeil.

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For those people who spend their time visiting people this application is perfect.  Rendezvous allows you to enter all your appointments.  As the appointment time approaches a text reminder is sent to the person you are visiting to remind them of the appointment.  The month, week, and day calendar views allow you to see upcoming appointments.

Screenshots of the Rendezvous appointment reminder Java desktop application.

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