Screen shop of Java desktop application Sun Lounger Manager.

The application enables a sun lounger business to keep track of sun loungers available for booking during the day.

There are a number of sun loungers laid out on the beach that are available for rent each day.  Visitors to the beach go to the reception and book one or more loungers for the day which allows them to use the lounger for the whole day.

The application to manage the booking of the loungers is for use by the person in reception.  At the start of the day, all the loungers are available for rent.  Each lounger will be known by a number.  As visitors rent sun loungers the receptionist selects the lounger on the screen and its status moves from available to occupied.

To maintain the state of the application in the event of a power failure, as the available state changes the information is written out to disk.  When the application starts up, it reads in the lounger information which not only includes the availability of the lounger it also determines the number of loungers available for rent.

The application will have functions to allow the addition and removal of available loungers as well as a reset feature to set all loungers to available for use at the start of each day.

This project was an idea undertaken by the Desperate Developers.  This specific version is my implementation of the spec.


  • Java version: OpenJDK 11.0.2
  • Libraries/Frameworks: JavaFX 11.0.2
  • Build Tools: javac, jar, jlink, JPackager
  • Deployment: Windows MSI Installer with embedded JVM

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