Screen display of Breakout4J a Java 8 and JavaFX application based on the Atari Breakout game.

Breakout4J is a JavaFX single-player game based on the old Atri games console game called Breakout.  This is the application that students build from the ground up as part of the online course “How to design and build your first real application in JavaFX”.

The player uses the left and right keys on the keyboard to move a paddle across the bottom of the playing area.  The paddle is used to bounce the ball up towards a brick wall.  Each brick that the ball collides with will destroy the brick and cause the ball to bounce off the brick.

The aim of the game is to clear all the bricks in the wall.  There are 3 levels in the game with each level building the brick wall closer to the bottom of the screen.

  • Java version: OpenJDK 8
  • Libraries/Frameworks: JavaFX, javaGeom-0.11.1, log4j-api-2.8.2, log4j-core-2.8.2
  • Build Tools: ANT 
  • Deployment: Executable installer with embedded JVM

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