Screen display of Breakout4J a Java 8 and JavaFX application based on the Atari Breakout game.

Breakout4J is a JavaFX single-player game based on the old Atri games console game called Breakout.  This is the application that students build from the ground up as part of the online course “How to design and build your first real application in JavaFX”.

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ANT – A worked example

Imagine we have a small JavaFX application.  We are building this application in Eclipse, although this should not make any material difference, you could build it in using any IDE or simple command line tools.

This application has some java files under the “src” folder.  There is also a “resources” folder which contains some none java files which the application will reference.  Added to this we are using some 3rd party JAR libraries.  Finally, we have a text-based properties file for our application.

Our project structure looks like this:

The sample Ant project structure

We are going to use ANT to produce a Windows executable application.  The steps we need to take to do this are: – Continue reading “ANT – A worked example”