Why do you want to be a programmer? The raw ingredients

I see lots of posts around the web about people who are interested in learning to program.  From the questions they ask you can tell they have aspirations to be the next best thing since sliced bread.  While all of this unharnessed enthusiasm is great we all need a sense of reality.  So, what does it take to be a programmer?

Compass and map – Photo by Himesh Kumar Behera on Unsplash

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Wrap Java into an executable with Launch4J

A few years ago I set out to produce examples of desktop applications written in Java because I could find so few examples on the web.

The idea was to write a complete self contained application and package it up into an executable program that a user could install and click to run.  The tool I chose to wrap the Java byte code up into an executable was Launch4J.  To see where to get this tool and how to install read on Continue reading “Wrap Java into an executable with Launch4J”

Java Executables

One of the challenges when writing Desktop applications in Java has always been deployment.  The write once run code anywhere concept has always been attractive but it has been the running of the code which has traditionally been the stumbling block.

Over the years there have been many solutions developed to overcome these challenges.  Continue reading “Java Executables”

Installing Eclipse

Eclipse is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which basically means it is tool to help you manage the building of your program.  This is the tool that will be used in the examples that follow.  You do not have to use an IDE but if you want to use it to follow along then read on for how to install eclipse, it’s very straight forward. Continue reading “Installing Eclipse”

Installing Java Standard Edition development kit (JDK)

You will need to install a Java Standard Edition development kit if you do not already have one.  For simple desktop applications the JDK is all you will need so unless you have a need for it you need not bother with what was J2EE or Java Enterprise Edition JavaEE.

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